9 Strategic is a marketing firm that uses market insights and data science to help businesses innovate and grow.

Co-founded in 2011 by former corporate executive Linda Ginger, we empower CEOs and executives to intimately know their marketplace: how they can solve their ideal customers’ challenges; and where the highest potential growth opportunities are. We firmly believe that with this knowledge businesses will be sustainable and can grow.

We work with a small group of highly experienced partners who are experts in the fields of data science and analytics, branding and design, customer experience and communications.

Linda Ginger

Managing Director


Linda is passionate about business and loves that every aspect within business intercepts with each other. She truly believes successful businesses are ones that ensures every interception is customer centric. So, intimately knowing your target audience, their current and future challenges, and how you help solve those challenges better than your competition, is at the heart of every successful business. This is market strategy!

Forming 9 Strategic has provided Linda the opportunity to draw on her CEO, senior marketing, Board Director and senior executive experience across several business disciplines. To assist 9 Strategic’s diverse client base, she now applies her belief that when placed front and centre of successful business strategy, there is not one aspect of business that market strategy doesn’t influence.

In 2011 Linda co-developed the 9 Boxes™, a unique piece of Intellectual Property that assists CEOs and business leaders seeking growth, to understand the power of strategic marketing and to build marketing capability in their businesses. The 9 Boxes™, coupled with Linda’s extensive corporate experience with several multinationals including James Hardie, Brickworks Ltd, Ajax Chemicals [Clyde Industries], Davis&Geck [Cyanamid], and Tonka gives her unique skills appreciated by CEOs and executive teams.

Linda’s strengths lie in the deep understanding she has acquired in her managerial roles in logistics, manufacturing planning and inventory management, customer service, business development, sales administration and marketing across broad industry sectors. She has a natural tendency to understand and solve problems that create new value for customers and organisations.

Vanessa Robb

General Manager


In her role with 9 Strategic Vanessa is responsible for 9 Strategic's operations and the team. She brings strategic direction to client projects, combined with exemplary research and marketing implementation skills.

With a particular passion for market insights and deeply understanding customer needs and wants, as well as the technological and competitive forces at play for each of her clients, she has over 10 years of strategic marketing experience gained across a range of industry sectors both in Australia and abroad.

Debbie Peinter

Client Manager


Debbie Peintner brings nearly 26 years’ experience in customer service management, domestic and international travel and tourism, communications and event management across industries as diverse as not-for-profit, aviation, consumer and private client enterprises to the 9Strategic team.

Debbie exercises a keen awareness of customer needs, desires and constraints and is able to measure an organisation’s ability and capacity to cater to these variables. She enjoys the challenges of customer loyalty and retention and working closely with clients to achieve measurable results in line with expectations.

As the owner of a boutique ski business, Debbie appreciates the importance of defining real and measurable values for any organisation and the inherent value such knowledge brings when planning, budgeting and developing strategy to drive a company’s success.

At 9 Strategic Debbie brings her talent for problem-solving and achieving realistic, new and innovative ways to meet customer demands to her diverse client base and their diverse groups of stakeholders.

Helen Morgan

Client Director


Helen Morgan is an experienced Strategic Marketing Executive whose scope includes government, not-for-profit, technology, banking, and many other industry sectors across B2B and B2C. Her contract and client management experience includes top tier firms such as FedEx Apac, CBA, Warner Vision Australia and Suncorp, as well as many small and SME enterprises in the areas of logistics, online retail, construction and technology.Helen has years of hands-on experience helping organisations understand how to clarify their core values and capabilities, aligning that with their market expectations across all operations in delivery of tangible, measurable returns and continuous improvement.

Helen started her career in advertising, working up through to Creative Direction in the Marketing Communications arena where her “claim to fame” was designing the Wotif.com brand. She brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge and understanding of execution costs to the strategic discussion. She has also run her own businesses and was a founding team member of an internet startup that won the prestigious “The Australian” award for innovation in Multi Media in 2001. Her greatest strength is applying innovative thinking to solve business problems, and connecting initiatives to detailed, accountable operations planning to ensure success.

Helen’s 7 years as part of an executive team in an SME brings broad experience of end-to-end business issues including structure, HR, OHS, workforce planning, ITC program of works planning; and advising on these and other operational issues from a strategic marketing, sales and customer service perspective.