Elliotts – Case Study

Elliotts-RAs a Partner of Elliotts, Matt Schlyder is responsible for the company’s sales and marketing.  An experienced businessman, Matt understands business revenue strategy and planning. However, he was finding it challenging to determine what marketing activities could help him achieve revenue growth and struggled to communicate the role of marketing within the business, “Before working with 9 Strategic I had difficulty getting key stakeholders to understand the importance of marketing and where it fits within our business.”

Early in 2011, 9 Strategic undertook a benchmarking workshop with the Elliotts team in order to develop a strategy to help Matt meet these challenges.  Using the 9 Boxes, the team developed a common language and evaluated the company’s marketing performance.  This helped them to prioritise the actions they needed to focus on to deliver revenue growth.

Matt said, “Working with the 9 Boxes has allowed us to cut through the fuzzy marketing stuff.  It has allowed us to work out what works and what doesn’t and has helped us focus on the marketing that improves our bottom line.”


Matt and his marketing team have continued to use the 9 Boxes as a contextual tool for marketing decision-making.  Since they first worked with 9 Strategic they have benchmarked their marketing performance three times and each time they have seen a greater return on investment from their marketing activities.

“We have spent the last 12 months getting all our marketing collateral and strategy aligned and have now started using our plan and collateral to drive our sales function.

9 Strategic has given me the confidence that the sales and marketing activities we are focusing on are going to achieve the sales outcomes we want. We no longer implement marketing activities unless they are specifically designed to hit sales targets. Working with 9 Strategic has significantly improved our marketing return on investment.”

About Elliotts

Elliotts is a full service accounting and business services firm based in Queensland. They are passionate about partnering with their professional services clients to help them achieve their financial and non-financial goals by making them Financially Well Organised.