MacKenzie’s Home Timber and Hardware – Case Study

home_timber_logoPrior to engaging 9 Strategic MacKenzie’s Home Timber and Hardware in Goondiwindi faced a significant challenge: after 15 years in a three-person owner/ management arrangement, Clive Quartermaine was left as the sole managing owner.

“All of a sudden I was left to manage and grow the business on my own and I was flying by the seat of my pants.”

Using the tactical marketing materials provided by Home Hardware, MacKenzies had already achieved significant growth and success despite the drought and global financial crisis.  However, to continue to grow and remain profitable Clive knew that he required a more strategic approach to marketing.

“Before engaging 9 Strategic we were utilising the range of marketing materials provided by Home Hardware but we didn’t have any kind of formal marketing strategy or any idea of which marketing activity was actually working.”

9 Strategic quickly identified that MacKenzies needed to adapt to its growing size and look at marketing more strategically. While the team had access to marketing materials, they lacked the internal capability to construct a marketing strategy to assist them to choose from the Home Hardware marketing resources.

By working through the 9 strategic markers of marketing, 9 Strategic and MacKenzies identified where the business’ marketing opportunities lay and established a set of clear achievable marketing objectives designed to strengthen their position as a ‘first choice’ retailer in the region. We then worked with Home Hardware marketing to incorporate their tactical marketing resources into MacKenzies’ tailored marketing strategy.

“When we first started working with 9 Strategic it was clear that we needed guidance.  We had access to great marketing materials but we had no idea which ones to use for our audience.  At the end of the workshop we understood where we needed to focus and we walked away with a strategic plan.  I felt in control.”

Since the workshop, 9 Strategic have continued to work with Clive and his team on their strategic marketing, and have mentored key staff members to develop, implement and manage the new strategic focus of their business’ marketing.

“Last financial year we had 16 per cent growth in our business.  I think some of that is due to the changes we’ve made in the last six months, and by really concentrating on the image we want to project to our customers.  By looking strategically at marketing we have made my business viable and successful now and in the future.”

About MacKenzies Home Timber and Hardware

Operating from a large modern facility on the outskirts of Goondiwindi, MacKenzies Home Timber and Hardware is the major timber, steel, bottled gas and home and farm hardware retailer in the region.