Surecom Case Study




Position is the foundation of revenue-generating activity and is the most important of all the 9 Boxes.  A well-defined and articulated position provides focus for all the decisions an organisation makes.  However, the majority of business owners have not defined their business’ position, which often has evolved rather than being proactively delineated, managed and developed*.  This was the case with growing telecommunications integration company, Surecom.

When 9 Strategic started working with Charlie Cockerell, GM of Surecom, we raised a few eyebrows by delving deep into the Position box to test Surecom’s current perceptions and to unearth potential opportunities.   By analysing data, speaking with key stakeholders and influencers, and doing desktop research, 9 Strategic began the, sometimes uncomfortable, process of defining Surecom’s position.

Charlie recalls, ‘We signed up with 9 Strategic for 12 months.  From the very first day they requested ALL this information; data analysis reports [products, sales, opportunities, quotes, industry segmentation], permission to speak one-on-one with our employees, clients, suppliers and industry.  All this to help identify our unique point of difference?! Why is that important?”

As the GM reporting back to the business owner, Charlie had the expectation that he would immediately begin working with 9 Strategic on tactical outcomes; to generate campaigns, marketing materials and a new website.  He didn’t anticipate sharing vast amounts of information and having to wait for an outcome.

Despite his reservations Charlie went with the process, allowing 9 Strategic full access to his key stakeholders and data.  He admits, “There were a few tense moments, but the snippets of information they shared along the way did provide confidence that there was ‘something’ bigger on its way.”

At the three-month mark, 9 Strategic delivered our Insights to Surecom.  9 Strategic’s Client Director, Heidi Hurford, said, “As is typical of this process, we discovered some key opportunities that lead us down several paths never envisaged at the beginning of the project.  These opportunities provided a number of practical outcomes that will assure business growth, including: an internal communication program to ensure a more united and informed team with clear accountability; and a set of brand values to help the company focus, make improved decision making and present a more considered and consistent message to their target audience.”

Charlie was thrilled with the outcomes, “I was blown away.  I still can’t believe how they got to the essence of our business from all the data they collected.  It put everything into perspective for me.  9 Strategic have a process. The outcomes from that process have given us a clear view as to how we are going to achieve our business vision.  We now have a solid platform that will unite our team, and deliver a consistent message to our customers that will help grow our business together. ”

Surecom now have a blistering clear pathway to success and 9 Strategic are currently working with Charlie to launch the new repositioning to his team.  Heidi explained, “We still have a lot to do.  In line with the brand strategy we are formulating a marketing communication plan, reviewing the product development process, aligning the sales strategy and budget, and establishing a set of measures to ensure the sales funnel is achieving the desired growth outcomes.”

Surecom have worked tirelessly with 9 Strategic to achieve great results in a short period of time.  By placing their trust in the process, Charlie and his team now have the clarity and insight into their business and where it should be directed to grow.

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*According to The Findings.