The Easiest Way to Increase Revenue and Bottom Line Growth


Every business needs new clients, but the easiest and most predictable source of new revenue comes from looking right under your nose: at your existing clients.  According to the 2013 Pacific Crest Survey, the cost to up-sell to an existing client is only 19% of the cost of selling to a new client.   So, while selling to new clients is important, selling to your existing clients is equally essential when planning to grow your revenue and bottom line growth.
How do you sell to existing clients?
Ask, and you shall receive
It sounds simple, and sometimes it is.  Sometimes simply asking your …


Enough About Me. What do You Think of Me?

Why Asking Clients for Feedback is Good For Business.

It is true that some people enjoy talking about themselves, a lot, but that doesn’t mean that asking for honest feedback is easy.  Unfortunately, to create a business that attracts and retains the best type of clients, you must seek, listen, and act on client feedback.
Why ask for feedback?
Your existing clients are a wealth of information and are well positioned to honestly tell you which areas of your business excel, and which need improvement.  This information can help you:

Innovate and provide better products or services. Rather than adopting an attitude of “that’s …


A Client is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Typically when companies are in the throes of making a sale they are like a child with a puppy on Christmas morning: they smother them with love and attention.  But after they become a client, the novelty wears off and clients become as neglected as a puppy in February.
Like bringing a puppy home, bringing a client into your business is much more than a simple transaction that is complete at the end of the sale. You need to plan, and commit time and effort to ensure that your client is cared for in the best possible way, and you live …


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sacking customers can be a good thing for your business

A clear market position attracts the customers you choose to keep
Not all customers are good customers
Acquiring new customers can cost 6-7 times more than retaining existing customers
A comprehensive database of your customers adds significant value to your business

There are very few of us in the world who will choose the path of MOST resistance. We typically like to live a comfortable existence, and reduce stress and angst to a minimum.
Many businesses have the same philosophy when it comes to managing their client relationships. They’ll walk the path of least resistance and …


Why Any Dollar is NOT a Good Dollar

Walking the Talk When it Comes to Client Management
 Our conversation with Deb Richardson, Director, 9 Strategic
When you’re in the profession of providing strategic counsel to clients every day, it can be easy to talk the talk without applying the same discipline within your own business. You know what they say about mechanics always driving the worst cars.
So whilst it may be easier to just spray and pray for 9 Strategic when it comes to client management, directors Deb Richardson and Linda Ginger are walking the talk.
Refresh, redefine and reinvent
A recent review of 9 Strategic’s client base has forced the pair …


Another Brick in the Wall

With all the talk of CRMs and “firing clients” it is easy to forget that clients and prospects are not, in fact, data: they are people.
While it is important to collect data on your clients and prospects – contact details, purchase history, interests, etc, it is even more important to use this data in a considered and strategic manner.   This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase expensive marketing automation systems, or construct highly sophisticated customer segments, for many companies this is beyond their needs and their budget.
Instead, use your data to ask yourself: What is keeping my customers awake …


When to Send a Client to the Naughty Corner

They throw a better tantrum than a two year old, require more attention than a toddler, and take up more time than a newborn baby.  Every business has them: they are the problem clients.
We have all heard the 80/20 rule:  80 percent of sales revenue is generated by 20 percent of your customers, whilst 20 percent of your customers generate 80 percent of your problems.  This 20 percent are your problem clients and they are costing time, wasting effort, draining morale, and ultimately taking more from your business more than they are delivering.
What makes a client a problem child?
Problem clients …


Your Business is Worth Nothing

Your business is worth nothing. Yes, you read that correctly: nothing.
Ok, that is an exaggeration, but there is no denying that most Australian businesses are worth less than their owners believe, and less than potential buyers are willing to pay. Over the next three years, one in three Australian businesses are looking to sell. And 95% of Australian SME businesses for sale never sell, or sell for less than they should.* So what is the easiest way to increase your business valuation for sale, and give your business the best competitive advantage in a crowded market?
A CRM database.
Again, you read …


Sustaining your audience in a crowded market

Social media, websites, apps, whitepapers, webinars and newsletters, your clients control the buyers’ journey more than ever before.

Click the animation to open the full version (via
In the past, your sales and marketing team directed your clients through the buyers’ journey by helping them recognise their pain points and then educating them on your product or service. Today, this role has changed, largely due to the internet. Your clients now have access to a plethora of sources to research their problem and the possible solutions before they ever meet a salesperson. It is up to businesses to adapt to this …


Going Global Without the Propellor Heads

 Atmail’s creative innovation core to its global enterprise ambitions
It’s a big day when the CEO of a software business announces that innovation is not driven solely by the considerable technical prowess of the company’s hard-core propeller heads and techies.
Zach Johnson, CEO of Atmail, Australia’s leading global messaging software provider, proudly says it’s the non-technical creative pursuits of the company’s musicians, poets, athletes and other diverse team members, which fuel its approach to innovation and the pursuit of excellence.
Atmail’s senior leadership team, including new CEO, Zach, and founder, Ben Duncan, has devoted the past six months to re-engineering the organisation to …