How to Hire Marketing Personnel

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Marketing Capability ImageWe are often told by CEOs and business owners that they don’t know how to hire marketing personnel that live up to their own interview hype.  So how do you cut through the spin and work out who is the best candidate for your business?

There are reams of websites that list standard interview questions that will allow you to determine a candidate’s qualifications and their career history – even questions that will help you understand how a candidate will react to certain situations.  But if you want to take control of the recruitment process and ensure that you are hiring someone who can not only talk-the-talk but can also walk-the-walk, then here are four questions to help you recruit the right marketing candidate.

1. Make sure YOU know what you want the successful candidate to achieve.  

While this isn’t a question, it is the most important thing to get right.  Even the most experienced and savvy marketing manager will be unsuccessful in helping you grow and manage your business if they don’t have an adequate brief.  So be specific and write down exactly what you want the successful candidate to achieve, share your business strategy and give the candidate the best opportunity to showcase their skills, making them relevant to your business.

2.  What is marketing?

Sometimes the simplest questions are the best.  There are thousands of answers to this question but they are most often incomplete, memorised from a textbook or just plain wrong.  While candidates may reference the four P’s or the 5 C’s of marketing, the answer you are looking for is simply, “Marketing is the strategy that drives business growth and increases revenue.  It runs across all aspects of the business and is one of the most important elements in business to get right.” Ask them to tell you how they have done this for other businesses they have worked for.

3. How do you generate your marketing plans?

The right candidate will tell you that a successful Marketing Plan is derived directly from your Business Plan.  It should cover all of activities in the 9 Boxes and is not just a list of tactical marketing activities.  A true marketer will also tell you that, while Marketing Plans are driven by the Marketing Team, they are a whole of business plan and should be understood and implemented by the whole company.

4. How do you measure the success of your marketing activities? 

Every marketing activity can and should be measured.  Marketers WANT to be measured! Successful marketers will understand how to measure the success of their marketing activities and why it is important, and they will provide you with an answer that addresses both. When assessing candidates’ answers to this question remember the saying, “if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Recruiting the right candidate for a marketing role can be difficult, but if you are prepared it is possible to find a candidate that will help you achieve your business objectives.

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