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CensoredTell a recruitment agent that you are looking to hire a Marketing Manager and dollars to donuts they will provide you with a position description and job advertisement laden with terms like ‘creative flair’, ‘innovative engagement’, ‘maintain brand image and awareness’.  Apart from being useless jargon, what all these terms imply is that the marketing department is the Poster Paint and Crayons Department and not a strategic business function.

Marketing: Why it isn’t a Dirty Word

The American Marketing Association claims that marketing is “an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships”.

In many businesses this is the case, marketing is a siloed function whose sole purpose is to create promotional materials and communicate with customers.

The 9 Strategic team believe the definition should read, ‘Marketing is a detailed strategy for growing a business.  Its role is to grow tactical and strategic revenue, increase business valuation and capture market share.’

Strategic marketing links the business plan to tactical marketing efforts by evaluating a business and using these insights to generate profit and growth.  Strategic marketing utilizes disciplines such as communications, sales, product management, product innovation, information technology, information management and customer service.

A marketing function should consistently work towards a strategic purpose using a range of tactics. It should work hand-in-hand with your communications, IT, sales and finance functions; and, more crucially, the Marketing Director must have a seat at the boardroom table and have full access to the business plan.

Find out more about how marketing works with business development, communications and sales in the full version of this article.

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