Marketing does not work

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Marketing Channel Image“Marketing does not work” is a cry we hear often.  But is it marketing that does not work, or is it the lack of strategy driving tactical marketing tasks that is the source of failure?

Have you invested in a website and a brochure? Do you have more likes than your competitors on your company Facebook page?  Has any of this activity delivered you business revenue? There you go, marketing does not work.

You are right; this tactical approach to marketing does not work to deliver revenue and growth.  You can paint the town with your brochure and rival Justin Bieber* with your number of Twitter followers, but unless you have a strategy behind these tools, your marketing is doomed to failure.

The days of lazy marketing are over.  Marketing can no longer be seen as a cost centre rather than investment. To succeed in the post-GFC business environment all 9 boxes comprising your marketing activity need to be working together to deliver measureable ROI.

The Findings, 9 Strategic’s report into the state of marketing in Australia, reveals that companies using marketing successfully believe it is a whole-of-business concern, driven by vision and business objectives. Successful companies:

–        Understand their point of difference and how this underpins all of their marketing activities

–        Have a marketing strategy that is connected to their business plan

–        Have a functioning marketing resource and budget

–        Understands how to source new business

–        Know how and why their clients buy from them

–        Have a consistent language and message

–        Have a process to manage and service existing clients


*At 42,753,596 followers, the population of Bieber’s Twitter is nearly double the population of Australia.