When is a marketing manager not a marketing manager?

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marketing_managerA: When they were last week’s receptionist.

This may seem a flippant comment, however it often rings true. As part of our strategic marketing review process we look at the marketing capability you have in your business to deliver the future growth you require.

When we look at business’s Capability we are benchmarking three core skills:

1. Your businesses ability to write a marketing strategy that is connected your business strategy

2. The ability to set, manage and measure a marketing budget or your marketing investment

3. As a CEO/ Executive team your ability to recruit, direct and manage the senior marketing person in your business.

So what should you be looking for when you recruit marketing staff?

That all depends – it depends on how your business is going to grow and what type of marketing activity/focus your business needs. For example – if you see your business growing through a digital strategy you need to recruit a person that can manage a digital strategy; if your business is heavily dependent on your sales team you will need the appropriate skill in your marketing function. Marketing is a wide, varying and confusing function – we all have specialisms specialisations.

So what should you expect when recruiting your marketing staff?

Time equals experience however as a rule of thumb – here’s a guide:

1. Marketing Co-Ordinator – first job, likely to be a marketing graduate or have a marketing qualification. You should expect to pay $40k (AUD). If it is your receptionist get them some specialist mentoring!

2. Marketing Executive –  2 or 3 jobs working for a Marketing Manager with a marketing qualification. You should expect to pay $50k – $70k

3. Marketing Manager – 10 years + experience previously working with a General Manager, Marketing, is a graduate with a marketing qualification. You should expected to pay $80k – $120k

4. General Manager, Marketing – senior role that has reported to a CEO, worked at board level and has been part of an executive team. You should expect to pay $140k ++++. This role is strategic and needs to be in every business. If you don’t need this role full-time, find a part-time or outsourced alternative.

Don’t fall into the trap we see in almost every business – a great receptionist does not make a great Marketing Manager. Recruit for growth, recruit the right skill, and recruit for the future.