You’ve Got Me – Now What to Do With Me…

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Businessman with giftTypically when we start working with a business they have executed marketing in some form and are likely to have a marketing person in place. Some of it they will have done well, some not so well – but none of it will have connected to the business strategy.

When we ask about the drivers that led to appointing a marketing resource we always get two answers:

1. Well [Marketing Manager] was doing such a good job as the receptionist we offered them a promotion.

2. We needed someone to design a new logo and build us a website (BTW, both are specialist skills within the marketing discipline).

In last year’s report, The Findings, we discovered one of the most frustrating aspects of marketing for almost all of the CEOs surveyed was marketing staff and marketing recruitment. Our early data for this year’s Findings tells us nothing much has changed! You should look at marketing as a revenue generating gift.

In our former lives as corporate marketing professionals our main gripe was we got no direction from the CEO. But, instead of moaning, we channeled our frustration into action and built the 9 BoxesTM framework to help CEOs have a better conversation with their marketing function.

As a CEO you have 5 roles in marketing:

  1. Ensure it’s attached to your business strategy
  2. Keep it focused on the business objectives
  3. Lead the internal communication and endorsement
  4. Demand review, measurement and proof
  5. Don’t jump through the escape hatch too soon

As a CEO you should have 5 expectations of marketing.

  1. Strengthen your market position
  2. Capture market share
  3. 3. Build strategic revenue
  4. Deliver tactical revenue

If you need to give some strategic direction to your marketing, need it to add profitable growth in your business, or you just need to understand what to do with it, discover where to get started by benchmarking your marketing performance online.