Strategic Marketing Review

Our Strategic Marketing Review process helps CEOs and business leaders take control of their marketing. Run as a workshop with your executive team to benchmark your marketing performance, the outcome highlights gaps and opportunities and determines where to focus your marketing activity to drive sustainable and profitable growth.

Facilitated by a former corporate Marketing Director, the Strategic Marketing Review uses the 9 BOXES™ which gives CEOs and business leaders an ongoing framework in which to develop and measure their marketing capability. Importantly, it will assist your business to start answering the following questions:

  • Do you have a foundation of revenue-generating activity and a focus for marketing decisions?
  • Is your marketing team setting, delivering and measuring marketing objectives that deliver real $?
  • Are you speaking to businesses that never buy from you?
  • Do you understand how and why your customers buy from you?
  • Do you have a consistent language and message?
  • Are your marketing and sales team working together (most don’t!)?
  • Is your service offering aligned with your position in the market?
  • Can you manage your client relationships to maximize repeat business?
  • Do you deliver high client satisfaction?

Participants attending the workshop will:

  • Benchmark their own business and kick-start the strategic marketing journey
  • Obtain clarity as to where focus needs to be directed to improve their marketing outcomes
  • Access experienced business leaders and strategists who will facilitate the workshop

Process and outcomes:

  • A 1-hour briefing with the business owner/ CEO
  • A facilitated 3-hour workshop with your executive team
  • A robust and detailed Recommendations Report that provides guidance on how focused marketing can support your business objectives.
Start taking control of your marketing and discover how you can deliver real ROI on your marketing investment today.